Friday, 16 January 2015

Art journaling with kids

I have been doing a lot of art journaling lately and little Boo wanted to try this. Today she completed her 1st page and she was great!

 Art journaling is such a great way for her to express her artistic side without worrying whether she is doing it right. I just placed out lots of materials including a paper pieced doll (the template for which I found at A pretty mess blog). Here is her completed page :)  

Little boo also used the homemade stamps we made using a thick foam. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Making a smash book

I have not heard of a smash book before but after doing a bit of research I decided that this sounded my kind of craft.  To me the smash book is like a scrapbook however, you do not need to spend loads of time making it look pretty like a scrap book.  The idea is that it is a quicker way to document what interests you or places/ events that you have been to or taken part in.

I have started a homemade smash book using old notebook front and back cover.  I recovered these to make them more appealing.  I then decided to use book rings to bind the smash book as I am just adding pages as I go as often my page may be a bag from the place I have visited or a map/leaflet.

I keep all the items that I want to Smash in a box so they are waiting for when I have free time.  For example there are photographs and tickets/collected items from the places we have visited.  Little Boo liked the idea so much that she wanted to make a smash book for herself.  I am really interested to see how this goes and am going to leave it to her to choose what she wants to add to the book.  I feel that it will be a good opportunity for her to improve her writing as well as creative skills.


My Smash book also has a part dedicated to our new family member and doubles up as a baby book.  For this section I have used gift bags, gift wrap and ribbon I received to make the inside.  This makes it a lot cheaper and a great way to recycle!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Making stamps to paint with

Just thought that I would share with you a simple idea that we tried today.  All that we did was stick the fun foam stickers to card paint them then use them as stamps.  Little Boo really enjoyed it and got some great prints. 

I hope that you like the idea.  I look forward to reading any comments people may have.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Making a journal with children whilst on holiday

We went on a family holiday a few weeks ago.  I took with me a very small selection of craft items in the hope to create a holiday journal.  I was really pleased with the outcome and it was a great activity to do in between our trips out.

All  of the craft materials fitted inside this large wallet.   There was a selection of scrapbook papers, glue, scissors, crayons, felts and twine.  We collected leaflets from where ever we went to add pictures to the journal.  The Journal itself was made with off cuts of a box of cereal that we took with us.  I then made signatures of paper and inserted them into the journal.  I then left the decorating with Little Boo.  When we got home we added photographs to the journal.  

I hope that this helps to give people ideas.  I feel that it shows you can create with limited supplies. 

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

August/September makes for Craft my Life

Here are my makes for August/September on the Craft my life All Crafts challenge where people are challenged to link there ideas that they have made.  However the only rule is, is it can not be a card.  This is a wonderful way to get more creative and try out all the other crafts that you have perhaps wanted to do.  So why not try go along and link up your ideas!

First of all this month I decided to make a simple gift tag with the Woodware handbag shape.  I am also in the process of using the frames which I was given and will post this as well soon.

The other make that I am sharing today is my card organiser I store cards in here that I have made under the month of the persons birthday.  The box I brought already made like this from TK-Max there are some lovely boxes there and the prices are reasonable. I then added the folders (which were up-cycled from an old university folder) and made them look more attractive with some patterned papers.  I added heart shapes and stamped these with the months.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Creative blog hop Q&A

I have been asked by my friend Elaine over at Craft my life to write for a creative blog hop.  I must say that the thought of writing about my creative journey feels a daunting one but here we go... What am I working on?Well it is usually easier to ask me what am I NOT working on.  I am a very hap-hazard crafter and usually am working on many projects at one time.  Currently, I am working on a journal inspired by Jennibellie! The outside of this was made with a cereal box then I covered it in brown paper scrunching to add creases. Inside I have hand bound papers which are up-cycled from magazines or cereal boxes.  Some papers I will journal on and others I have placed in such as birthday cards and notes my daughter has written me for safe keeping these I will leave.

Other projects I am working on are Decorative tape and clay beads 

and my Moms and Dads Birthday cards (these are staying secret though as it has not been their Birthdays as yet) 
a baby blanket as I am due to have my 2nd baby in December :) very exciting time for us!

and I am consistently practising my Zentangle techniques. 

As you can see I like to have a variety of crafts started so that I can pick what I want to do depending on my mood and amount of time that I have.

I find that my journal lends itself well if I am having an uninspired day as I can just sit and play about with colours and textures or simply practise my drawing. No one has to see the work that I have completed so it does not have to be perfect.

How does my work vary from others in my genre?

That is a difficult one.  I suppose that I like to write about and think about ideas that I can share with my daughter to develop her creative talents as well.  Very often I like to up cycle and use items for crafts that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.  As well as making it cheaper I like the challenge of thinking outside the box.  Here are some examples of the up cycled crafts that I have completed with my daughter or independently.

Egg carton wreath

Tie- sunglasses holder

Keys Wind chime

How does your writing/creative process work?

As mentioned the creative process is a bit hap-hazard with me I do have times when I feel really inspired and do loads of creative work (time permitting) but other times when I take a break and just make some cards.  I feel that it is important not to force your creativity. I love the creative side but unfortunately on many occasions find the writing process more of a struggle and have to sit for ages wondering whether what I have written is easy to understand.  However, I do like to share my ideas with people in the hope that they may be inspired by my ideas and feel able to share them with their children.  Thank you for reading my post I will look forward to any comments :) 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Make your own Decorative Tape.

I love Washi tape but get annoyed at how much it costs.  Therefore, I set myself the challenge to make my own and you know it is not that difficult.  I used some low tack tape and then coloured or painted this as I desired.  I used the Inky Doodles Embroidered backgrounds stamps to make the tape look more appealing.  I love these stamps they are so much fun as you can make up your own patterns. I also used my Spectrum Noir pens to colour in the tape.

I hope that you like the results this is such a great activity to also do with children as they could create their own tape for using to wrap presents with. 

Then I considered a way that I could store these effectively.  Thanks to Jennibellie online who gave me the inspiration for making a simple book embellished with my own home made paper beads again Jennibellie inspired.