Friday, 27 February 2015

Red Nose Day biscuits

Just a short post today to give people an idea of what to sell to raise money for Red Nose Day or bake for fun! After watching bake off this week I was inspired to bake shortbread with little boo. Just like in bake off we made ours into Victoria sponge short bread :) (minus the jam as I forgot to pick it up from the shop) here is the basic idea 

We made 2 shortbread biscuits then sandwiched them together with buttercream and what should of been jam. The idea is the jam comes through the top hole to make the nose however, due to lack of jam we used red icing :) hope you like the idea. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Making a junk journal with one page.

Today I have made 2 junk journals to use over the holidays for myself and little boo. They were made from packing paper which I ironed to get rid of any creases. Here is what the books looked like once folded and before they were decorated. 

To make them from one sheet this is how I folded the paper. 

I then cut along the line indicated with a solid line on the picture. 

Then fold the paper in half and squash it together as shown in the picture. 

You then have a journal/book. You could use this for many ideas maybe making a book, a photo book or art journal? You need to secure the pages as there will be openings. However, I use these openings for tags. They can be secured on one side by stitching as we did in little boos book. 

Of course little boo decided to have elsa on the front of her book! She made this herself using her new blopens which are really good. 

Mine is not quite finished yet but I used a new technique (to me) with alminium foil to make the cover look distressed. Will share this with you tomorrow when complete.  

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A prompt for today

I know we all may need help some days with getting inspired so I have decided to put in a little prompt for today.

 After reading my book today called simple abundance I have been inspired to go out and be creative. The page is entitled creative excursions. So today I am going out with my family and my camera and taking some photos which may help to influence a journal page. 

So there you have it enjoy the prompt. Any pictures please feel free to put them on my Facebook page (click link on the right of page) 

Here is the page that has influenced today :) 

The book is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach 

Homemade texture paste

Today I made some texture paste it is so easy! All you need is gesso, talc and white glue. I used a cup full of gesso and a cup and a half of talc and half cup of white glue to get the consistency I wanted then placed it in a jar a had spare.

Texture paste is great to add dimension and texture. You can use it through stencils and mix colour to it for coloured texture.  You can also stamp into it just let it half dry first.

Here are my results ...

Friday, 30 January 2015

Upcycle roll on containers

I am really pleased I found this out today. A great way to upcycle your roll on deodorant! 

When you have used all the deodorant, get a butter knife and pop off the ball. Clean inside the container. Then fill with a mix of paint and a bit of water. Pop the ball back on then you have made your own roll paint. 

This is great if you do not want the kids to get in too much mess painting. I am collecting my containers from now on!! 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Making a loose leaf journal

As you may be aware I have been getting back into being creative. I have started art journaling and am loving the process. However, I feel quite hindered by working in a book this is because; I feel like I have to fill it, it takes ages for me to be happy that the surface is flat, I spend half my time looking in my journal for a suitable page to use and feel it stops my creative flow. I feel I work much better on a piece of paper of my choice. 

Due to this I decided to make a loose leaf journal so I can create my pages then put them in the book afterwards. 

To make the journal I used 

Arch leaf folder (the binder was broken) 
Old cards 
Art materials to decorate including doll template from Such a pretty mess

To start with I had an arch leaf folder that needed using so I decided to upcycle it for this journal. I took out the ring binder section and metal corners off. 

then decorated the folder. The folder provided a great surface to do a mixed media cover on to. 

When I was happy with the cover

bound into the folder 12 small cards. These I bound in a figure of 8 and added beads as I bound it.

Then the journal was complete!! Now I am free to stick the loose leaf pages in to the book using the cards by sticking the pages to them. In all I could put 48 pieces in here if I wanted to as I could put work in back to back. I am really pleased with the outcome and will definitely be upcycling more arch leaf folders :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this please leave a comment below :) 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Carving stamps

Today I found out about stamp carving and had to have a go. 

I wanted a cheap way of doing this so opted to use a cuticle cutter instead of a Lino cutting tool. 

All I used was: 

Erasers- I just used the ones I had spare around the house but will definitely be buying bigger ones the weekend. 
Cuticle cutter/remover 
Ink pad 

The idea was to draw the design on the paper then rub on the back of the paper to transfer the image. However, I found I worked better if I just went for it! 

After an hour I had all the erasers carved back and front. One of the stamps I carved around the outside as well. Below are the results. I am so pleased and know I am going to be doing more as it is so relaxing. 

This is my favourite design. 

I hope you enjoyed this please feel free to leave comments below.