Friday, 20 April 2012

Do not throw away your old camera

Little Boo liked the claws!
The floor was not missed
as it had "triangles"
We also saw circles on the

We have been to a local art gallery. Little Boo's Auntie was kind enough to give her an old digital camera. It has been brilliant to use as Little Boo took pictures around the gallery of what she liked.  The activity sparked loads of conversation around the gallery and it was funny as one of Little Boos toys was posing in a few of them. Hope you like some of the pictures that were taken.  How many of you have tried this with your children I would love to hear about the results. We intend to stick all the pictures in her scrapbook.

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  1. I love the way that little Boo has taken pictures of the things that she sees as interesting. It shows us what a kid's world is like and what they see and focus on is not always what we think! The claws and triangles are very important :)


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