Monday, 11 June 2012

Happy Fathers Day.

Fathers Day is next Sunday in the UK and I want to make it a day to remember! Little Boo's Dad is one in a million and I am not just saying that he really is.  I have started a Pinterest board with some fathers day ideas that I liked. 

This then gave me inspiration for our crafts.  On there was a bunting idea using ties, due to the fact that my husband hates wearing a tie for work I decided to change this idea a bit and use Little Boo's hand prints instead.  Little Boo did some colouring in and had a go at drawing around the template.

I then decided to use this colouring in and up cycled some of our paintings for the other hands .  I laminated the hands to make them more sturdy then threaded them together.  I decided to write, "I love Daddy" instead of "Happy Fathers Day" as I thought it could then be hung up in his office all year round something to keep him happy at work.

Then we set to work on his card! He is obsessed with jigsaws and puzzles so I decided what better than to make a Jigsaw card.  Again I up cycled one of Little Boos paintings.  On the other side is a really nice photograph of Little Boo and Daddy together.

One side has the up cycled painting the other a photograph
A secret message was wrote on the card

Then it was cut into jigsaw pieces.

Hopefully Little Boos Daddy will love this.  We have also made him a present and will be sharing this with you.

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