Friday, 27 July 2012

A treat for Little Boo and Daddy too- review of CBeebies art magazine

Occasionally I like to treat Little Boo to a magazine. I realise that many are over priced and rubbish therefore made the decision that magazines would not be a regular occurrence.

However, when I saw the CBeebies art magazine (I have not brought this before) it looked really good and had loads of sports inspired activities. Little Boo then looked at me with those eyes and said "mommy we could make these" she looked so excited and I could not say no (as I liked the look of them as well ) I could see the potential of using them as small world play and to be honest I was intrigued to see how they were made so I could "borrow" the idea to do a DIY of it next time.

I really wanted to do some small world play using either the new Lego Olympics figures or the Playmobil then considered the costs! This magazine cost £2.99 which is expensive but less than a whole set of new figures I thought.

The activity was completed by Little Boo and Daddy. Me and Little Boo had been out all day so she wanted to do something with Daddy and presented him with the magazine. My husband is a wonderful Dad but does not usually do much creative work with Little Boo so I was intrigued to see how this would go.

They loved it, it was nice to listen to them enjoying themselves and the best bit seemed to be that all the things were there and ready. This helped a lot to keep Little Boo focused. I must admit that I found it difficult to stay away I felt like I was missing out!
All the things were in the packet including easy instructions. 

They set to work and created some wonderful people. Think I need to point out that the boat man lost his head somewhere whoops! We improvised.

Then it was time to make the boat, audience, podium and jumping pole for the horse.
Stickers were provided to decorate the boat. 

colouring the audience with Daddy as well

 Then it was time to play with them

The audience cheered 

The horse did loads of jumping

and plenty of people won medals

I realise that this magazine was expensive but we have only just done one activity and this we spent most the evening enjoying.  It really encouraged fine motor skills through all the peeling of stickers, communication- as Little Boo talked about what the people did for example the difference between a basket baller and a footballer.   We now have the rest of the magazine which this week features shapes.

The magazine I later found is aimed at 4-7 year olds.  It states inside the magazine that it aims to look at 6 areas of learning 

  • Being creative
  • Feeling good
  • Physical development
  • Maths
  • Communication 
  • Finding out
The aim of the magazine is to "make art fun, accessible and exciting for young children".  The idea is that activities are provided which the child can either do independently or with an adult. Each month the magazine is dedicated to a different art skill this month was shapes.  This is perfect for Little Boo. What do you think are there any good art/crafts magazines that you enjoy together?  

Hope that everyone enjoys the opening ceremony this evening, I can not wait! 

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