Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Home made travel eye spy

I am so glad I blog as it has really encouraged me to start to research other peoples ideas and adapt them to suit Little Boo.  This week when doing my usual Link up with No time for Flash cards I noticed this scanner collage eye spy from another blogger.  I loved the idea and started to think how I could adapt this for Little Boo.  At the moment I am trying to reinforce colours and shapes so have created the collages to assist with this.  The idea is really simple I basically grabbed anything I thought was interesting scanned them (be careful not to break your scanner or scratch the glass) with a towel over the top.  

I have created a collage with coins as it will be interesting to see if Little Boo can distinguish what is money .  I did this one for work as well. I have created something very similar for the students but capturing the image this way is much more fun. I can not wait to play this game with Little Boo as I think she will love the items that I have picked.  The game will grow with her as the questions that are asked can become more and more complex.

At first I am going to ask questions like

Which one is a square?
Which one is Blue?
Where is Peppa Pig?
What colour is the flower?

The questions can then be developed to

How many squares are there?
How many animals are there?
Where is 1p?

Another way I will try to develop this is encourage Little Boo to ask me questions.   I am sure once I have modelled how this is done that she will try to do this.  

The scanned collages I have provided as a download I have tried to make them interesting and hope that some people will enjoy using them.  I am going to laminate ours then they can also be used with a board marker and the items circled this will also help with fine motor skills. May even add this game to our "Travel Buddy".

eye spy

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