Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fairy Garden

Just a quick post today as I have had some Mommy time, no I have not been to the spa or gone shopping. I have had a day full of crafting at a local craft shop and loved every second of it! I really miss not having much time to do my own crafts now so I feel this monthly group needs to become part of my routine.  It was ace to meet up with loads of other people interested in crafts.  Anyway, I promised Little Boo when I came back that we would make a fairy garden.  We made this one up quickly with all the things that we had around the house however, I am now looking for ideas for a more permanent fixture as it was great to play with.  Little Boo wanted a swing so this was quickly made with some wool and two pegs for the seat.

Little Fairy happy in her house 

All the fairies had their turn on the swing.

Looking forward to sharing some under the water ideas with you this week.  We are also looking at the letter a for angelfish and looking for more items for the initial sounds tub.

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