Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cobweb biscuits

I am sorry that we have not really done many Halloween inspired activities.  Truth be known Little Boo still gets quite frightened by the Halloween things in the shops.  However, I saw this biscuit idea in a library book we have recently got, 100 yummy things to cook and eat is a great book! there are loads of ideas that we want to try.

There was plenty of stirring 

 Little Boo then had to roll out the dough.  She was really pleased to use Mommy's big rolling pin.

After the biscuits had cooked and cooled the icing needed to be put in a swirl onto the biscuit.  The book then says to use a cocktail stick to make the cobweb effect but we only had skewers which I cut down and taped at the opposite end.  I obviously watched the whole time she was doing this as the skewers are sharp, please be careful. 

The effect was amazing and they were yummy! Here are a few that turned out really well. 

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  1. The cobweb biscuits are really fun. I imagine they are delicous too with the frosting. Thanks for sharing on Artsy Play Wednesday.


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