Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Few Easter Games

Here are a few Easter games that we have created they are so easy and really versatile as there are a few games that you can play with each one.  The great thing is that Little Boo practised her cutting when making these.  The number game we made up to 15 as I think this will be enough for a while. We used up to ten when we used them for the first time and the aim is to add a number on each time we play.

Little Boo counted the right amount to add on to each egg and helped me to add the pictures which were from Twinkl. She then cut the egg  in half as I told her she had to help me crack the egg by cutting it.  We had fun playing with the games. 

Little Boo matched the pattern eggs easily so I decided to make it a bit more difficult and play a memory game. 

I laid out the eggs and turned them over (pattern side down) so Little Boo and me had to find the matching pairs. The matching pattern game was really easy to make as we have loads of papers in the house so all we had to do was choose the ones we wanted and cut out eggs!  I hope that you enjoy this idea. 


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