Sunday, 24 March 2013

Play dough Easter Eggs- Sorting Big, Medium and Little Eggs

During the week we decided to have an Easter Egg sale! Little Boo mentioned doing her play dough cake stall so I suggested because it was Easter that we make an Easter egg stall instead.  She was really keen so we set to work making the Play dough Easter Eggs to sell to her customers. Little Boo had a great time decorating the eggs with buttons and some sparkly gems. 

We then set up the stall and Little Boo sorted out the eggs into Big, Medium and Little sizes.  We made labels for the prices which Little Boo was keen to cut out and trace over the writing. 

Then the customers came to buy their eggs! 

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  1. Love the way fine motor skills, art, language skills, and pretend play are all integrated in this activity! Thanks so much for sharing this at Stress-Free Sunday!


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