Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Create your own colouring books using your own photographs

Little Boo loves painting and colouring in so I decided to make her a colouring book using photographs that we have taken.  The photographs can be of anything that your child likes, most of ours are focused on family and toys.

To do this you need Picasa or Photoshop. Luckily I have access to Photoshop so I was able to do this colouring book on there.  

All you do is upload the photograph that you want then change the filter to sketch then photocopy. 

You then amend the detail until you are happy with the results then Print! 

It is possible to do this on Picasa but I was not as impressed with the output

In Picasa under the special edits you click on Pencil Sketch then move the sliders till you find the best output then print.  

I hope that this has come in helpful.  

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