Sunday, 15 February 2015

Making a junk journal with one page.

Today I have made 2 junk journals to use over the holidays for myself and little boo. They were made from packing paper which I ironed to get rid of any creases. Here is what the books looked like once folded and before they were decorated. 

To make them from one sheet this is how I folded the paper. 

I then cut along the line indicated with a solid line on the picture. 

Then fold the paper in half and squash it together as shown in the picture. 

You then have a journal/book. You could use this for many ideas maybe making a book, a photo book or art journal? You need to secure the pages as there will be openings. However, I use these openings for tags. They can be secured on one side by stitching as we did in little boos book. 

Of course little boo decided to have elsa on the front of her book! She made this herself using her new blopens which are really good. 

Mine is not quite finished yet but I used a new technique (to me) with alminium foil to make the cover look distressed. Will share this with you tomorrow when complete.  

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