Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Making story sacks Handas Hens

After going to my local toy library I was fortunate enough to look at a story sack and little Boo loved them. Unfortunately they are quite expensive so I decided to make our own. I used a pillow case as the sack as many online bags are expensive and I had some spare . I then managed to find some t-shirt transfers from the local pound land so could put the image of the story on the front.

Recently, I made a story sack on Handa's Hens this is a wonderful story which incorporates a lot of counting it is also nice as the images are really colourful and appealing. I really enjoyed making this for little Boo as it made me think about what was appropriate to include.

A lot of the contents were printed resources from twinkl this is a great place to get resources and is cheap for a years subscription.
As it is close to easter it was easy to come by the plastic eggs and chicks for the end of the story. I have decided the next ones are going to be going on a bear hunt, Handas Surprise and The very Hungary Caterpillar.

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