Sunday, 15 April 2012

Upcycle Challenge!

It is really strange that since I have started to do crafts with Little Boo that everything starts to be used as something else. A toilet roll for example has been made into a pair of binoculars, a puppet, a chute for pouring activity and a stamp for painting.  The possibilities are endless! Therefore I have set myself a challenge how much of our household usual waste can we up cycle to make wonderful crafts? So far the contents of the bag is photographed above there is plenty to crack on with. Any inspiration would be appreciated.  I have started a pinterest board to help with inspiration. So far we have used old magazines and an egg carton.

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  1. If you've got a garden you can have great fun making a scare-crow with the old clothes, or even a rag doll.

    My friend stuffed and sewed up one of her son's old sleep suits, made a head with wool hair and some hands from an old sheet, then dressed it in my daughter's clothes as a Christmas gift for us. So personal and fun!

    It's probably a bit too late now but old egg boxes can be decorated and left out for the easter bunny to put a kinder egg in...


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