Monday, 30 April 2012

Making water play fun

When washing up after painting we came across this wonderful surprise! I thought it would be fantastic for water play. All you need to do is mix metallic acrylic paint with warm water and washing up liquid ( Little Boo has never reacted to the paint that we use or washing up liquid so I knew this would be safe to use)  

The water then looks amazing! It develops a shimmery effect that moves as you touch the water and is wonderful to play with.

 Little Boo was fascinated at watching the colours. We added sequins to make the water more interesting it also gave her an opportunity to filter something out the water when playing.

This water could also be filled in a bottle and then object added to make a eye spy bottle.

The household objects that we use for water play are

  • old plastic bottles cut off to make funnels for pouring (I did go round the top of these with masking tape as they can be sharp),
  • drink bottles
  • cup measures of different sizes
  • tea strainer,
  • different sized containers
  • hand whisk
  • wooden spoon

This activity is fantastic for floating and sinking play and is made more interesting by the water looking nice. The activity also allowed us an opportunity to practise counting at Little Boo counted how many cups were needed to fill certain containers.

The colours looked amazing whilst Little Boo was doing this.

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