Saturday, 28 April 2012

More ways to display children's art work

I am really pleased to see how many people have viewed the page about "Displaying children's artwork" so decided to share this with you.  Below are images of canvas that Little Boo completed a few months ago. It was only when going round a local shop (The Works) that I realised how cheap the small canvas were and thought it would be great for Little Boo to do painting on.  We were also in the process of moving home so I asked Little Boo to make them for me with Nannies help (who also loves crafts) for me to put up in my new study.  It was lovely as I knew what they were doing but had no idea what they would turn out like so it was like a moving in present from Little Boo.

Apparently Little Boo loved doing this, squeezing out the paint and choosing what to use to decorate them.  It is wonderful that each of them is completely different.  They were completed over a few weeks as Little Boo would put a bit of paint on then revisit it to put on decorations.  This also gave the thick paint opportunity to dry.

Sorry there are no images of Little Boo actually doing the paintings maybe next time as I plan to change these every year it will be lovely to watch how she progresses.

Would you think of displaying your children's art work in this way? Go for it they look amazing and will always make you smile.

The masterpieces displayed in Mommy study

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