Monday, 23 April 2012

Upcycle bottle tops into magnets

As part of our up-cycle challenge me and Little Boo have made use of the bottle tops and made them into magnets! This is a very simple idea and the possibilities are endless.  We decided to put sequins and glitter inside the bottle tops to decorate them.  However, many items can be used such as photographs or small old toys.

Here is how it went

First, we had to give the bottle tops a "bath" very funny that Little Boo said that herself and enjoyed cleaning them.  This led to discussion on how the bottle tops were "floating in the water".  Little Boo then counted them onto the towel to dry and dried them by hand.  The bottle tops could be left overnight to dry if needed.  I was thinking of doing this bit myself but I am glad that I decided not to as little Boo has so much fun.

Once dry we started making
First squeezing out the glue

Then adding the sequins

Little Boo also wanted to cut up some straws to use

Leave them to dry for a day and add a magnet on the back. We decided  to add a feather to this one.  As you can see once they are dry you can not see the glue

You could chose to add a magnet on the back, use them as counters or for matching games. This was very simple to do we have loads of bottle tops so watch this space I am looking at more things to make. 

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