Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The upcycle pig

Little Boo loved the up cycling activity, so much so that we had to do some more today (think she likes playing with the sequins).  Yesterday it was very funny as there was a lid on the table and she put one of the milk bottle lids inside then some eyes and said "it is a piggy mommy".  How amazing I thought it definitely could be a pig (she always comes up with the best ideas).  So the pig creation started...

Glue was put into the lid.  Little Boo enjoyed squeezing this in.

Sequins and googly eyes added.  There is also a milk bottle top

I drew some ears and Little Boo wanted to cut them out.  She can not cut on the lines yet but it is all good practise!

Double sided sticky tape was placed on the back of the foam paper.  Little Boo loves peeling this off.

And then the completed piggy!

I am actually considering using this as a magnetic memo pad as I will put some paper to the back of it with a few magnets. 


  1. How cute! (Came here from upcycling thread on netmums).

    Am looking forward to reading through your other ideas. :)

  2. Glad that you like the idea. We already have our orders to make more :)

  3. Yes -Aunty Wendy would like one please. Perhaps a monkey :)


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