Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Book review and fun activities - "Hug" by Jez Alborough

This evening as promised I am sharing with you the book "Hug" my daughter LOVES! this book.  It is actually quite surprising as there are hardly any words.   I feel that this adds to the appeal as we can interpret the story the way we want to.  The book prompts a lot of questioning and assists learning new words especially when Bobo moves around the elephant sitting on his head, trunk and the funny one, his bottom! (she always laughs at that).

The emotions displayed in the book are easy for Little Boo to recognise as she often comments on how Bobo looks "sad" on one of the pages.  The array of animals that are in the book assists with teaching Little Boo all her different animals in a fun way. The book has been given excellent reviews on Goodreads and scored 4.11 out of 5.  I like that we have the board book as this has meant that Little Boo has been able to grow up with the book from a young age and it is still suitable and enjoyed now.

We visited the Jez Alborough site which was amazing for resources as we joined their club for free and managed to get a colour in image of Bobo which Little Boo loved colouring in.  We then scanned it and made it into a little stick puppet.

We also made a Monkey Mask from foam sheets. Here is the template if anyone wants to make one.  We made one together then I was asked "where is the Mummy one" so for that I used the same template just made it slightly bigger.

We then got the toys ready to start the story.

Little elephant and Mommy elephant were hugging
There was tickling
and wiping of tears!

After all of that we played find Mommy Monkey.  Little Boo pretended to be Bobo looking for a Hug.
Little Boo then used the masks like they were stencils very clever I thought.
Hope that this has given you all some inspiration of how to share "Hug" next Wednesday will be Dogger by Shirley Hughes a old favourite of mine that Little Boo loves as well.


  1. Great activities to extend the book. I'll check it out b/c we call my little guy Bobo.

    1. Wonderful to see that you enjoy the activities that I suggested I hope that you and your own little Bobo enjoy them :) Hopefully you will enjoy next weeks on Dogger.


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