Friday, 4 May 2012

Painting without paint brushes! On a large scale!

Today we set ourselves a challenge to paint without brushes. Painting is a wonderful activity but I feel that sometimes it needs to be made more interesting by using other items other than brushes. This way children can experiment with the different marks that objects make.

It was fantastic fun and wonderful exploration activity.
Here is a list of all the items that we painted with.

  • Potato masher
  • Old facial brush
  • Sponge
  • Foil
  • Toilet rolls (all squashed into different shapes)
  • Foil roll with stickers on (own stamping)
  • Spaghetti
  • Pasta
  • Feet (Mommy's and Little Boos)
  • Hands

First of all Little Boo made her own stamping roll using stickers on a strong roll from cling film.

She enjoyed this and I feel that peeling the stickers is also good to improve fine motor skills. She actually did pretty good at spreading them all out along the tube. It is important that the roll used to do this is pretty strong. An old rolling pin could also be used.

After this was completed we set to work painting. I am lucky as we have a tiled kitchen so I just roll the paper out stick it down with masking tape and go for it (the paint we use easily cleans off the floor afterwards).

First of all Little Boo chose her colours. She is getting good now at recognising colours so this is just a good way to keep on checking she knows them.

She used the sponge first and the toilet roll. All the time we were discussing the colours that we were using and whether she liked painting with what she was using.

Then she saw the spaghetti! Last time we used this she was not very keen but she made up for it this time. At first just one piece at a time but then massive handfuls were going on the paper She then decided that her feet had to go in. I must admit at this point I was intrigued so the socks came off and in my feet went and it feels amazing!

Pattern created with spaghetti.

"Here is Mommy's footprint"
Foot prints. 

The potato masher also had to go in with the spaghetti and then it was "mash, mash,mash" onto the paper.

We were left with loads of wonderful paintings that apparently need "sprinkles" on (Little Boos word for sequins) so we will be back to them tomorrow as Little Boo wants to finish them.  The paintings will then be used as wrapping paper and some sections cutout and framed.

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