Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Herman The German Friendship Cake

I was delighted when my friend gave us a friendship cake mix called "Herman The German friendship cake".  What is even better is knowing that herself and her daughter enjoyed making this for us then passed on the mixture for me and Little Boo to make a cake. The idea behind the cake is similar to a chain letter except much better as you pass on a cake mixture and end up with a great cake in 10days, brilliant.  My husband related it to a Tamagotchi the other day which I thought was funny as you are told to "feed" the cake and look after it. 

Anyway, you start with the mixture and follow the instructions as to when to, "feed the cake". Alternatively you could be the one to start the chain the instructions for the starter mix are provided also on the above link.  The idea is that you start with your mixture stirring each day then on the fourth and ninth day you add flour, milk and sugar.  This is really easy as all the ingredients are added in cups (so simple for little ones)

Adding the Flour, sugar and milk days 4 and 9.  Whilst doing this I encouraged Little Boo to count the cup fulls into the bowl.
Day 9 divide the cake into four equal portions to give to friends. Do not forget to also give them the instructions.

Mixing our cake on the 10th day with all the other ingredients which were literally all just added then stirred.

Waiting to be cooked looking good!

Our finished cake are you hungry?

This was a great cooking activity which is really nice to share with friends and family (both by passing on the mixture and giving them the completed cake).  The cake tastes amazing! We did not put any apples in ours simply because I forgot them still tasted nice though and made loads of cake.  I hope that you enjoy sharing this activity together.


  1. Mmmm, nice to see your Herman cake, it looks yummy. Herman is such a good cake to make with little ones as it can all be measured easily and mixed by small people, my two love checking on Herman and giving him a feed or a mix and especially love eating him ;)

  2. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts your blog is brilliant definitely going to make some more Herman to do some of your recepies.


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