Saturday, 12 May 2012

Playing in the sunshine!

Today we had a very rare opportunity to play in the sunshine.  The weather has been miserable lately so we were well excited.  I came across some water balloons a few days ago and picked them up glad I did now as we have had a great time with them.

The balloons were ready!

We had great fun with the balloons Little Boo enjoyed chasing me and her Dad around the garden.  To be honest think that me and my husband enjoyed the activity just as much it got rather competitive and Little Boo kept laughing at us both.  It has been so nice to actually have a family afternoon it does not happen often enough.

We also played with our chalks on our slabs.

I wrote out Little Boo's name in chalk then she went over the chalk with water.  It was really nice as the chalk just turns into paint. It does also come off the slabs with water and a brush.

We did the same with numbers.

The letter a was really good.

and of course we did loads of hand prints!
It was a great activity as Little Boo was having fun all the time and not realising how much she was learning about colours (when picking up the balloons she would keep commenting on the colour), numbers and letters.  After all the fun she had even more fun with the hose pipe cleaning all the chalk away and of course running after Mommy and Daddy with it.  We were soaked!

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