Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ice cube art

The weather has been that hot just lately, I have been trying to think of more activities that are outdoors (great really as I have a very glittery garden now).  I have done this activity before where you create ice cube paints, perfect for this weather!

All that is required is an ice cube tray, paints (water based) and water.  Just place some of the paint into each ice cube section then fill to the top with water.  Stir the mixture well then freeze. 

When  frozen ready to use

Little Boo decided to paint herself

Then did her "arm print" very funny

Painting feet to get foot prints

The finished ice cube artwork.  This will be up cycled into cards and wrapping paper.

Little Boo loved this activity especially when I said that I would paint her feet.  It is a great sensory experience due the ice cubes being cold and slippy.


  1. SO going to have to try this. Need to find an ice-cube tray though...

    1. It is really good fun a great idea to cool down on a sunny day I think. Have tried and tested another ice cube play idea today so look out for it next week :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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