Friday, 25 May 2012

The Motherhood Games

When on Mumsnet one evening I came across a post a Lady was doing a creative proformance and needed muslin cloths that children or people in their care had created.  Great I thought a wonderful way to be creative and help someone out I immediately sent her a message. Stephanie the lady who is doing the project got back to me straight away so I knew where to post the muslin cloth when it was completed.  I also thought it was a great idea for a blog post as I agree with her thoughts.

In Stephanie's words the Motherhood Games
"The idea for the Motherhood Games came as a result of my own frustrations at often not being able to participate in creative projects because I don't have access to childcare.  I felt that being a mother was in fact an incredibly creative thing but that it was difficult for me to access arts based projects so when I had to create a piece of theatre for my post grad course I knew I wanted to look at this issue.  I wanted to the piece to be about motherhood and I also wanted to offer mothers an opportunity to be creative and contribute to the creation of a performance.  I have asked mothers to contribute a piece of cloth of their choosing, I have suggested a muslin cloth but it could be anything, and asked for them to decorate it in anyway they like.  They could get messy with the kids and the glitter glue or create something themselves.  They can write, paint, draw, embroider on the cloth - anything goes - then they send it to me and I will use it in the creation and performance of a short piece of theatre which I hope to film so that mothers can see what they have contributed to.  Any mother of any age can get involved or people can follow the project on the Facebook page"

Making our cloth was fantastic yesterday the weather was still amazing when I got back from work so it was great to get in the garden and be creative with it! Originally a few days ago we had a go at using some cheap fabric paints.  They worked well but Little Boo lost interest in them very quickly. 

Therefore, (due to the nice weather) I decided to get out the spray bottles we had used earlier in the week.  I was unsure whether this would actually work on cloth but it did! I think as long as it is not washed it should be fine.  Little Boo was a lot more interested in decorating her cloth this way.  Then out came the glitter glue and the painting dabbers.

Spray painting the cloth

Adding the glitter glue

The cloth finished

The colours have come out really well.

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