Friday, 18 May 2012

Imaginative Play

Ever since Little Boo went to the hospital for an operation she has become really interested in playing doctors and nurses. She woke up and wanted to play therefore her bedroom was transformed into a hospital.  We set up a little waiting room with all the toys who needed to go to hospital.

There was also a reception where Little Boo or dolly were answering calls.

Then there was the nurses room where she treated all the patients. One of them apparently needed a bandage (made from one of daddy's old shirts)

This type of play is amazing for developing language and communication skills. Little Boo practised talking on the telephone and also her questions as she started asking the toys what was wrong with them. All the time she was verbalising what she was doing " I am giving dolly medicine because she is poorly". It is wonderful as all this comes naturally and the more we play the more she says.

Dolly and dog with their bandages.

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