Tuesday, 22 May 2012

learning numbers the fun way: Cooking the Numberjacks

Little Boo loves the Numberjacks and whilst searching the web for pictures to colour in  for our magnetic story tin we saw a recipe on Cbeebies to make the Numberjacks biscuits.  This was immediately followed by "can we make those Mommy". As much as I try to avoid TV stuff it is on occasions unavoidable  and this is a great fun way to learn numbers.  The recipe is pretty easy to do and Little Boo loved mixing apologies for lack of images of making the mixture I was helping the stirring process as it does get quite difficult.
rolling out the mixture
cutting it into pieces with a toy knife

using the play dough mats from twinkl to make the numbers.  This works best if a little bit flour is on the mat (not too much to obscure the number) 

All the numbers ready to be chilled then go in the oven

mixing the icing

chocolate buttons for eyes

The finished Numberjacks spot the missing number! it was unfortunately dropped on the floor whoops.

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