Monday, 21 May 2012

Travel magnetic story tin

I am very fortunate to have an inspirational family who are always giving me fantastic items to do fun activities and crafts with.  This time I was given a tea tin by my sister and decided I wanted to make it into something that we could use as a travel toy.  I have recently brought some magnetic photo paper (from poundshop) so thought that was a great opportunity to use it and decided to make a story tin.

Me and Little Boo sat down and looked for inspiration from books for our magnetic story tin Nick Sharratt You Choose is amazing to use for this.  I was looking for things that would be interesting in stories for her what characters she likes, what settings, what props could be used to start a story. 
Using Nick Sharrett's book You Choose to inspire ideas.

I made a large list of all the characters that Little Boo liked and the settings for stories. We then went to the computer and chose lots of pictures and copied and pasted them into a word document.
Pictures of Little Boos family and herself  have also been used as characters.   We then set to work at looking for items to start a story like going through a magical door or having a magic key or wand. All very exciting!

We then printed all these images out onto the magnetic paper and cut around them.  Then the stories began! Without prompting Little Boo gave a wand to Cinderella and put the heron in the sky.  In this picture we were using the magnets on a ELC magnetic board however, the tin can be used (making it good to travel with) and any magnetic item around the house.

This can also be used as a spoting tin or to place the items in size order or matching.  The possibilities are endless.  I intend to get some more magnetic paper as I can then make letters and numbers.  I decided to decorate the tin and placed some questions around the outside such as who is in the story?, where are they?, what have they got?

The completed story tin when Little Boo was asleep I made it look a bit more appealing.  I just used some card and paper from my scrapbook collection then placed contact on top so that it stays on.

Hope that you like this idea we have been using it for a few weeks now with a lot of success.  We have started to colour in characters then scan the images to make our own magnets this has worked really well as Little Boo is using her imagination more and more.  


  1. I've never heard of magnetic photo paper- something I'll keep an eye out for!

    1. It is wonderful stuff I have used it loads as I managed to get some from the £1 shop.


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