Thursday, 24 May 2012

Learning the parts of the body

Little Boo loves trying to draw around things such as her feet, hands and other peoples.  So I thought we would make a life size drawing of her.  It was good fun as she loved being drawn around and kept laughing the process took longer than I thought but we laughed together.  When we had drawn around her I was actually quite surprised at how tall she actually looked! This then started conversations about how tall she was and that she had "grown up".

Little Boo wanted to draw in her eyes

Her doll had to be drawn around so that she had one to cut out as well.

The completed masterpiece
 Once this was dry we used it to label all the parts of the body.  I used a resource from Twinkl which is really easy to see what the parts are as the provide written text and an image.

This activity was a fun way to learn the body parts and it would be nice to repeat this in a years time to see how much Little Boo has grown.

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