Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sharing a book- The Gruffalo Day

On Monday we decided to have a Gruffalo day as part of our sharing books together.  The Gruffalo is a Julia Donaldson Book which has some fantastic illustrations and links into learning about animals as the mouse meets different animals on the journey  through the woods.  The mouse it actually very clever and makes up a character, the Gruffalo to scare off creatures who may eat him.  Whether children as young as Little Boo actually understand this about the story I doubt but older children may do which may lead to conversation about who eats who in the animal world. The Goodreads website score this book 4.3 and many comments on the book give it glowing praise and refer to how the book uses rhyme and repetition effectively. 

Our Gruffalo day was fantastic! I really would encourage any parent to do this or have a Gruffalo inspired party there is a plethora of resources out there to have a really good day.

We started our morning making a Gruffalo Cake.  Whilst playing our latest CD from the library which is the Gruffalo songs

Just the sponge at first as it needed time to cool. We went to the park and recreated the Gruffalo with print outs that I got from Twinkl.  We first had to go on the swings and slides, then settled down on a bench before our walk to read the Gruffalo

I really do not know why I have not thought of taking books with us before on a picnic (probably the thought of carrying them) as Little Boo just sat and listened really well.

Little Boo enjoyed thinking of places where the characters could go and knew what came next in the story better than I did! We were busy finding a tree for the owl, a log pile for the snake then a hole for the fox.  She picked the characters that were needed for each photograph.  We did get some strange looks from people passing which was quite funny. 

"his favourite food is scrambled snake"

When the Gruffalo story was finished it was picnic time we settled down to picnic with all the Gruffalo cut outs and played some games.  First matching the pictures.  Then spotting the missing one and then we played with the finger puppets to tell the story again. 

Matching the pairs

Who is missing?

We also read The Gruffalo again with  the finger puppets.

When we came home we finished making the Gruffalo cake and had this for pudding after tea and it was lovely!

Little Boo keeps saying now that we had a, "Gruffalo Day" hence the name for the post.  I hope that you like this and that the links may be useful for parties or Gruffalo days.


  1. What an absolutely lovely post and activity! Your so creative and that looks like so much funx

    1. Thankyou for sharing your comments I am really pleased that you like the activitys and hope that you can make your own Gruffalo cake! If you do post the image on my Facebook page or email it me would be great to see other people using the ideas. Hope you stop by again soon.

  2. How nice to celebrate the Gruffalo book witGruffalo day. My children love this story so much. We managed to do Gruffalo cup cakes which they loved and we keep saying the story uysing finger puppets or soft toys. What a great place to share Gruffalo ideas.

    1. Thank you I am really glad that you like the idea. It was really good as it encouraged us to get outside! (whilst it was not raining). I am glad that you have found fun ways to share the book together. Recently, I have been able to get the Gruffalo storysack from my local library. I am going to use this as inspiration to make our own over the summer. I hope to share this with you all very soon.


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