Sunday, 17 June 2012

Fathers day present!

For Fathers Day I have been thinking around the topic of favourite things! Me and Little Boo have been talking about what Daddy likes! It was actually a funny conversation as a lot of it centred around crisps! As apparently "daddy really likes them" which I must admit is true. This is where the thought of making a hamper of "daddy's favourite things" came from. It has been really fun choosing the things. 

I was considering a way of containing the items, then whilst in our local pound shop (again) I found a plastic tub which looked ideal. I did not want to leave it like this so set to work customising it with Little Boo. We got a pile of old photographs and one of Little Boos paintings. The idea was to collage the tub with photographs of Little Boo and Daddy. Due to the tub being plastic I went over it initially with sandpaper to make a rough surface to sick to.

Little Boo has a fascination with cutting at the moment so this activity was brilliant! Here she is cutting up the art work that she made.

After a few minutes of cutting.  She also wanted to cut up a few pictures.  These were stuck to the container with normal glue stick but then we had to go over the top with a few layers of PVA glue and it looked great!

Our own shredded tissue made with up cycled art work.  It looks fantastic and sounds nice too.

Daddy's hamper granted not the most healthy but it is fathers day after all! He deserves a big treat. I later covered it with some cellophane so it all stayed together.

I hope that you like the idea it could be used for birthdays as well.  There is always the thought that the hamper could contain all home made items for the recipient.
I hope that you all have a wonderful day tomorrow it is not just "Fathers Day" at work we tend to think of "A Special Man" I hope that you all have the opportunity to thank a special man in your life tomorrow.

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