Monday, 18 June 2012

Making bread together

After seeing this post from the Imagination Tree I was inspired to make real bread with Little Boo.  It is really nice though that there is a play dough alternative.  Due to it being Fathers Day yesterday we had a family get together and I knew that fresh bread on the buffet is always a hit with my family.  I got the recipe from the Nurturestore  in the free e-book.  It was a wonderful experience for Little Boo to make something for the whole family to enjoy.

 Making the bread yes we were still in our pyjamas! It was very early.
Kneading the bread.  Little Boo commented on how it "felt nice" and that  it "smelt nice" 

After leaving the dough to rise Little Boo saw that "it is bigger"

We then set to work treating the dough a lot like  play dough .

Little Boo then made "Daddy", Nanny, me Auntie and Grandad.

Some of the finished creations ready for baking. Look at all those smiling faces.

When we finished.  The smiling faces looked really good still and kept their shape a lot better than the shapes we had cut out with cookie cutters.  It was funny as all the family were trying to guess the shape.  The smiling faces were lovely though and would be a good idea for my lunch box at work a definite way to cheer up my day!

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