Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rice treasure box

I am always on the look out for new and interesting activities and found this on Pink and green Mama. This is our Rice Eye Spy Box which turned out really well. First of all we dyed the rice using the method that is suggested on the above link (I wish I had done more). When the rice was dry I placed it all in a box mixed it together then looked for some interesting treasure to hide in there.
When we got all the treasure ready we sorted it into colours and took pictures of them. These pictures were then used to match the treasure as Little Boo found them.

Looking for the treasure

Matching up the found items


  1. What a cool idea - any suggestions on how to modify for a younger child?

    1. Sorry I have only just got round to replying but I have inspiration now. On other blogs and pinterest the items have all been out into a bottle which has been glued shut. The idea is that this then turns into an eye spy bottle. Due to the bottle being glued closed there should be no worry over small parts.

      Another idea would be to hide larger items in cooked spaghetti! A Strange idea I know but it may work? the sensory experience from it will be great.


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