Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Our visit to the scrapstore

It was whilst on a rather rainy camping holiday a few weeks ago in Gloucestershire, that the Gloucester Resource centre were promoting their own scrapstore and lead me in the direction of Scrapstore Uk a website where I could search for our local Scrapstore.  I was so excited I knew these places excised but thought that membership was only for large groups not parents.  When searching I realised there was a scrap store in Birmingham not to far away from where we live, fantastic! 

Me and Little Boo embarked upon our first visit to a local Scrapstore yesterday in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.The word scrap store really does not do this Aladdin's cave of treasures justice!  there was loads of exciting materials a lot of which had been donated by local companies.  What surprised me is that there was also new items there Little Boo fell in love with a little fairy doll which was added to the ever increasing bag of goodies and there were loads of books.  I also picked up a bat and ball set which makes wicked noises when you hit the ball.

I joined today and it was £50 for the whole year.  This is a individual membership and allows one pick per month.  The great fact is that there are different items each time that we go so hopefully more inspiration.

Whilst there I asked to take some photographs for this post. Sorry they are not the best quality but I realised that I was on public transport so really could not carry the big camera.

We had some material for our soon to be made dolls house. 

Look at those frog foam things, gutted I did not have the car. 

Little Boo was very vocal about what she wanted.  The stuff in this box looked like snow was very popular.  We did end up with a bag:)
Small Toys great if you are planning a party! 

Our first bag full of scrap needless to say it did not stay in the pushchair long  I had to do a great balancing act with it! Think that my husband may have to walk back from work next time as we need the car. 

Here is the contents of our first bag.

Here is what I have used some of the contents of the bag to make. I hope that Little Boo enjoys playing with it.  I may add some play dough and water beads to make it more interesting. 

We both had a great time at the scrap store Little Boo when she got home told Daddy that she had " had a great day".  We can not wait for our next visit!


  1. “Hello Amy,
    We're thrilled you & Little Boo had such an exciting time in our scrapstore. We appreciate you spreading the word, as it'll survive only with support from enthusiastic and creative people like you. Your feedback is wonderful to see. Thanks for the inclusion of our membership leaflet. And we love the way the astro-turf has enhanced the Peppa Pig playset!
    We look forward to seeing your ideas for the scrap & the progress of the doll’s house, & to your next visit.
    Thanks, from all at BPCN Scrapstore.

    (e-mail received from the Scrapstore)

  2. What an awesome idea! I am soooo going to see if I can find one near me!

    1. Have you managed to find one yet? Unfortunately your name is not linking into your blog :( is this link you? I love to look at others blogs :) it is great that we are able to inspire one another. Let me know.

  3. oh I wish we had a scrap store! Looks like so much fun

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry to hear you have not got a scrapstore nearby,it really makes you start to think more about all the things we throw away. They can be made into beautiful works of art. I find your blog wonderful and am going to try out the shaving foam idea very soon (been pinned). Hope you stop by again soon.

    2. http://www.lancastercreativereuse.org/directory-creative-reuse-centers.html This link has details of Florida scrap stores :)

    3. Thank you for this it is really helpful. Have you been to a scrap store in the Florida area? would be great to hear your experiences.


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