Saturday, 23 June 2012

Up-cycling childrens artwork to make a card

A member of the family had their Wedding Anniversary so we decided to make them a card. This is a great way to up-cycle the paintings that have been done and some old cards that we had in the house.  First of all I took a painting that Little Boo had done previously. I made a view finder out of some card to select a suitable section of the painting.

The viewfinder used to select the pieces of the painting.

The pieces of painting cut up and placed on the card.

Little Boo helped with the sticking!

Little Boo chose some pictures that she liked of the couples wedding no surprise that the cake was one picture!

. The completed card!


  1. Cute blog!! I found your blog because you commented on mine first :) ( love your ideas and would like to share some on my blog and I would credit you of course! Email me and let me know if that's ok :)

    1. Fantastic thank you for the positive comments it means a lot to me as your blog is great! I love looking at blogs for inspiration and feel that your idea is brilliant anyone who has not been to look should do. I will look forward to seeing some of our ideas :) Thank you.


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