Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Drawing people- a trip to the art gallery

As I mentioned this week our theme is all about people.  Due to this I decided to go to a local art gallery and  look at all the people the hope was that Little Boo would like to draw the people.  Little Boo was well equipt with her little bag filled with plain paper, crayons, pens and her camera.  When she got to the gallery it was clear to see that she was eager to draw.

It was a great day as she seemed to concentrate on her drawings and even started to look at the statues for reference.  I think it helped that she attracted a lot of attention of the visitors saying, "well done" to her which she liked.  This time we have even progressed to the faces having bodies, arms and legs.  Fair enough the arms are sometimes coming out the head! but they are there and I know what they are.

The masterpiece

It was really funny as Daddy was not at work when we went and as soon as we got into the gallery she said that she had to take Daddy to see the "ladies bottom" it is a good job that I know what she meant! (One of Degas Dancers) she led Daddy straight to the sculpture and did a very lovely picture.  She then went on to draw three figures.

From this 

To this

Little Boo decided the sculptures that she wanted to draw and really enjoyed the activity so next time we go to the gallery we will do this again.  It is also great as this is a FREE activity! and great to do on a rainy day. It will be really nice to see the progress in her drawings so I have started to create a power point of this I think this is a great compact way to keep her creations.

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