Monday, 9 July 2012

How we plan for the summer holidays

I am getting ready for the summer holidays. Due to working in education this means I have ten weeks that we are together. I really look forward to this time but realise that not everyone does. It can be challenging to keep loads of children entertained. Here is how we plan for the summer holidays.

First I search for FREE activities that are happening local to me. Using websites listed

I will also use the local libraries and galleries websites for inspiration. Many of the galleries round by us also have frisky bags which contain activities centred around the gallery exhibits. Often it is also good to look for leaflets or ask the librarians or receptionists in the galleries for information. Our local "Whats on" magazines are really helpful as well these magazines list all the activities for children in one of the sections.

Whilst searching I will put on my calender the activities that I think will be suitable for us to attend. If you are planning for a pre-schooler very often activities in the summer (I find) are geared towards school aged children so please check what the small print says about the age of the children who can go. Once, I did not look and was actually turned away from an activity as they said Little Boo was too young? I was so annoyed as we had travelled to get to the activity!

If I am looking for somewhere different to go I will go to this is a search engine for the UK which details all the child friendly days out.

After this I have been to our local tourist information and picked up loads of leaflets it was quite funny actually as Little Boo picked up some good leaflets as well.

During the holidays I am planning for the first time to have a theme for each week. This I thought would be a fun idea as I can prepare activities to do before hand.

week one- people
week two-wildlife
week three- Olympics
week four-Weather
week five-The seaside
week six- Under the sea
week seven- Paralympics
week eight- My family
week nine- me
week ten- Making marks

Myself and Little Boo have also made a scrapbook which is ready to put loads of pictures of our summer holidays inside. I very often create a summer book as we look at it for months afterwards. We have already filled in a few pages as we have been to watch the Olympic torch the other week this was a fantastic day.

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