Monday, 2 July 2012

Make your own texture rubbings

These are so simple to make but really effective.  I made my rubbing to take out with us in our travel buddy folder (just a little teaser for tomorrows post there) . I am really impressed with the results.  All that is needed to make these is strong card (I used mount card I have had this since I left college, I would of never imagined to be using it to make something for my child back then) and hot glue gun or glitter glue works to I found.

Apologies for the images but this was a quick activity done in the morning and images were just took on my phone.  I did carefully select the rubbings that I made for example letters of Little Boos name, interesting lines and of course shapes but just the basic ones for now square, triangle, circle and rectangle.  I feel that this activity would encourage children to use crayons as it could be turned into a game where they close their eyes whilst you place the rubbing underneath the paper.  They open their eyes go over the paper and it could spell out a hidden message or they could try to guess the shape as they were colouring.  There is also an opportunity to make their favourite characters from TV, or animals as they can be printed  stuck onto cards then the lines just traced over with the hot glue gun (may try this one myself only just thought about it). Obviously, if you can draw that is wonderful personally I would need the help of the internet :)

This idea can be developed and used with leaves and bark on trees (great outdoors activity) but at least this idea is a portable activity and so much more interesting than just colouring.  It would also be a great way to use those home made crayons! as they have a large base and many colours in one crayon.

You will probably notice from the image that I stuck down the rubbing and the paper over the top with some masking tape.  It can get very annoying if the paper or the rubbing moves and Little Boo was going really quickly over them.


  1. This is a GREAT idea! I will definitely be trying it out, and I pinned it as well!

    1. Thank you so much for the pin. I am really pleased that you like the idea it is so easy and effective. Great for mark making!


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