Friday 29 June 2012

Making your own toy for threading

Little Boo loves threading and when I had some empty sellotape reels I decided to make a threading activity with them.  I painted the sellotape reels with acrylic paint and then used my  cropodile big bite to make the holes in the reels.

 I had already brought some shoelaces cheap so these were used to thread with.  Then all that was needed was to show Little Boo what to do with them. 

After a while we started to also add beads into the threading.  She really enjoyed this and it is a great way to up-cycle our sellotape reels.


  1. We'll def. be doing that one! I've been trying to think of things for Daughter to do which involve threading but no beads since she'd just eat them!

    I love your blog - it's my absolute favourite!

    1. Such kind comments thank you. Glad that the idea will help and you can progress to using beads which is great. We have used some really nice ribbons as well (just put sellotape round the end to make it easy to thread) It is really nice as we are always talking about what colours we should use to make it "look pretty". Hope that you continue to enjoy the blog. I am loving writing it!

    2. It's great because they're all such simple ideas, but everything I've tried so far has been a massive hit. We still do the drawing shapes in the sesame seeds every now and then (like you and Little Boo did with the glitter).

      Think I'm going to try this with a cardboard tube for now since we don't have any finished sellotape ones, but can't wait until we do.

    3. Please share your success with us on my Facebook page I am really keen to see our crafts and ideas used by others. It would also be great to see how you have changed the ideas to suit younger children.


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