Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Our pom pom Olympics

Today we have done a really simple activity and made some pom poms they are so cute! I got the idea from a website and just changed it a bit to suit what we wanted to do. To make this activity easy I prepared all the cut outs such as the feet and the cone for the torch and placed double sided sticky tape on all the items.  
All the items needed were in my craft cupboard which is even better! 
What is needed for each one 

  • 2 googly eyes
  • one big pom pom 
  • piece of card to make a cone or pipe cleaner and own choice of flag printed.
  • piece of card in shape of feet (as shown in picture)
  • tissue paper -red, orange and yellow. (if doing Olympic torch)
  • double sided sticky tape
  • PVA glue

The double sided sticky tape just means that Little Boo can create this more independently and she also loves to peel the backing off, which is all good for improving fine motor skills! 

ripping the tissue paper for the torch 

Place PVA glue into the torch then add the tissue paper

Sticking on googly eyes 
Peeling off the sticky tape back for the feet

We just stuck the torch on again using double sided tape then one was completed but  "he needed a friend" 

So we set about making a "friend" exactly the same way but printed off a flag instead for him to hold. 
It was really good to show Little Boo what the different flags looked like.

The flag was printed twice on a long strip then just folded over  the pipe cleaner. This was taped onto the bottom of the pom pom.

Then there were two. With a little bit of blue tac these are going to proudly sit on my computer!  

These would make wonderful Olympic themed gifts for people. 


  1. These are insanely cute!! My toddler loves playing with pom poms lately - what you've done would make him smile!!

    1. Thank you when we came up to the study today (aka craft room) Little Boo spotted them on my computer she was well pleased with herself! They will make me smile especially when I am back at university doing my assignments :)


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