Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Toddler Olympics (part 2)

Glad that people enjoyed yesterdays post on the Toddler Olympics here are the other games that we played enjoy!

Who can get the biggest bubble?

This was a fantastic activity and one that was done with items around the house.  I have wanted to make big bubbles and our own solution.  Something that I have wanted to do for ages but needed the weather! This website has loads of recipes for bubble mixture I looked in the cupboard and made the one with

1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid
2 cups water
2 teaspoons of sugar

This is only because I had all the items in the house.

We made the bubble stick in a really easy way just broke a garden cane in half taped the end so to avoid splinters. Wool was then taped on the top of the sticks into a loop.  This was probably the most unsophisticated way of making this but it worked! 

It then got quite competitive as  Mommy, Daddy and Little Boo (with help of Mommy) were trying to get the biggest bubbles. 

Pushchair Race 

We all then had a pushchair race.  All of us had to do a lap around the garden. Little Boo found it very funny watching Mommy and Daddy doing this. 

Fish for colours

 We then played fishing for colours where we all had a go at fishing for different coloured balls. This was also great to teach Little Boo her colours.

Its a Goal! 

More water play with the squeezy bottle! We had to get the ball in the chalked out goal by using the squeezy bottles.  Again Little Boo loved filling up the bottles.

Hope that you enjoyed some of today's ideas as well.

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