Thursday, 12 July 2012

People who help us- post deliverer

We have decided to look at people who help us.  This is part of our week theme of people.  We decided to look at the people who deliver our post.  Little Boo loves posting things and we also managed to find some fantastic resources in our local library and toy library.  It has been a great activity which has incorporated loads of fun learning including mark making, number recognition and communication to name just a few. 

To start with we did a few activities which were centred around people who help us.

First we sorted them into heads, belly's and feet.  I then gave Little Boo a couple to match up
People who help us matching activity from Sparklebox

Little Boo doing a colouring activity from Sparklebox

I decided to make a post box so that we could have some imaginary play and thought it would be a great idea if Little Boo could make her own postcards to post.

Making postcards 

Writing the postcard

Adding a stamp (these were just from the Internet)

Writing the address on the envelope 

 Making our postbox 

Before we started to create our postbox we looked at our library book together so Little Boo could learn about a post deliverer.

We made a postbox from an empty box as you can see Little Boo had already been playing with it. We just painted this red then painted five doors as well.
Putting the box post together I could of use a hot glue gun but at least doing it this way Little Boo can join in. 

Painting one of the doors

After all that creating it was time to use our postbox.  Little Boo dressed up in her outfit which she loved regardless of the fact it was way too big! She looked so cute.  We then got to work posting the letters then posting them in the correct doors.  All the letters had numbers on them which related to the numbers on the doors so this was good for number recognition.


  1. What an amazing idea! Daughter's really into posting things at the moment so I'll definitely have to try this one out!

    1. Great let me know how it goes posting is always good fun for Little ones. I know that Little Boo also likes playing with money and putting it in and out her money box.


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