Friday, 13 July 2012

People who help us

Today has been busy we have been lucky enough to go to the park for most the day as the weather has been amazing! So here is just a quick post of what activities we have done this morning. We have been looking again at people who help us.

This is the bus counting activity that I found on Twinkl this is brilliant as we are usually catching the bus so it is an activity Little Boo is familiar with and was pushing the bus around picking the people up from the bus stops pretending to be the bus driver. The added bonus was that the activity included counting!

We later decided that the Little People needed to be involved as it makes the game more fun.

They all then needed some "bus money" another great counting activity with the pennies. 

Paying the bus driver 

 After this Little Boo decided that she wanted to try out her new fancy dress and we did  hospital role play. This is the first fancy dress I have brought I have got a fancy dress box mainly with funny glasses and wigs but not a proper outfit I will definitely be investing in some more as she loved it.

I am apparently OK. 

I just wanted to share these figures with you as well we played with these when we got back from  the park.  They are called occupation figures and we were lucky enough to pick them up from the toy library this week.  I really like the set as they are not biased towards gender specific roles.  I would not like Little Boo to grow up thinking only men can be builders and women nurses! 

I am going to use these figures in some small world play I think she will like that.

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