Saturday, 7 July 2012

Practising using scissors

Boo loves to use her scissors I feel that it is really important to encourage this and to assist her in improving her skills after all this helps her fine motor skills.  Here are some activities that we do did to practice.

Making a collage 

One evening I got ready loads of different textured papers and items that I knew Little Boo would be able to cut up.  In the morning we then made these into a massive collage Little Boo doing most the cutting and me the gluing it was a great team effort.

Items that we used 
  • Up-cycled art work 
  • bubble wrap
  • straws
  • string
  • tissue paper
  • cake cases
  • wrapping paper 
  • Magazines
  • funky foam 
  • Sparkly contact

The cup cases were the favourites 

This paper was brilliant at encouraging Little Boo to cut straight. 

Some of the collage 

We then made a Dolls House 

This was a plan of the Dolls house.   We used a Argos book and looked for all the items to fill the house with.  I started off by drawing around the objects for Little Boo so she had a guide where to cut but Little Boo wanted to also take over this activity. So she was busy thinking what she wanted, finding it in the book (with Mommy's help), drawing around it, then cutting it out.  It could be a really good activity for older children to learn how to use an index as well.

Drawing around the objects 

I want this cooker

 dolls house nearly finished  

Cutting play dough

Cutting up play dough is a great start activity to develop cutting skills as the play dough is soft and fun to cut.  Little Boo has this play dough hair cutting toy and it is great fun.

Cutting straws

I know that this sounds strange but Little Boo loves cutting straws! I think she likes to watch the pieces fly off in different directions.  The great thing is is that the cut up straws can be used for collages or for threading afterwards.

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