Monday, 30 July 2012

Review of Wolverhampton art gallery- The Tiger who came to tea.

When I was younger the thought of going to an art gallery or Museum was met with little enthusiasm, however Saturday when I asked Little Boo " would you like to go and have tea with the Tiger" she was thrilled! We love the Tiger who came to tea book and have been eagerly awaiting the exhibition that is currently being held at Wolverhampton Art Gallery all about Judith Kerr and her stories. Last time we were there it was actually Little Boo herself that spotted the poster advertising this.

We arrived at the art gallery which is open 10-5 Monday-Saturday and is FREE we found a Buggy park and lockers which were £1 that is returnable. Both these features make for a more pleasant day as I did not need to carry everything around with us.

To get to the exhibit we followed the tiger footprints on the floor that marked out the way.  Little Boo enjoyed following these. 

 The exhibit is two large rooms which have a fantastic mix of both what would appeal to adults and children.  Little Boo ran straight towards the massive Tiger that was sitting at the table.

There is a play kitchen by the Tiger and Little Boo had great fun pretending to make the Tiger some tea.  To be honest we were probably here for an hour on and off. There was plenty of pretend cutting up then cooking on the hob and in the cooker.

In this room is also props that would be great to do a role play of the dad in the story.  There was a hat and briefcase and his chair.  There was also an old fashioned telephone which played the music from the tiger who came to tea CD.

In the other room was where Mog was.  There was a massive cat basket and a huge supply of Judith Kerr books we helped ourselves (As the gallery encourage) and sat down for a read of one of the books. Around the basket are also dressing up clothes so the children can pretend to be Mog.

In this room are two magnetic games where Little Boo made up some animals and could change the expression of Mog.

This exhibit was great fun! We are definitely going to be making a return visit. Going here has got me looking for activities for the Tiger who came to tea. Here are a few I have found

Colouring sheet where child draws a picture of themselves having tea with the tiger.
Colouring sheet of Sophie and the Tiger
Visual aids for the story
 role play masks
role play masks to colour
you tube -reading book
Make your own tiger food jar
make a shopping list for after the tiger has been


  1. Oh wow! I am so jealous you had that on near you! It looks amazing. I loved Mog when I was little but had completely forgotten about the books until you said just now. Library trip needed I think!

    1. The books are really good we sat and read some in the basket. I had got one out before when Little Boo was younger but she did not seem to like it but she did when we went here so revisiting them. Thank you for your comments and sorry you can not visit :(


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