Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Two ways to make a rainmaker

This week the theme is weather and today we have made two different rainmakers. I decided to make this two different ways so that there is a way that is suitable to share with younger children.

The first method involves using panel pins.  To make this you need

  • Panel pins
  • A strong cardboard tube I used the one from our cling film
  • Strong paper 
  • Items to decorate such as stickers, papers, feathers, tissue paper, paints
  • Glue
  • Something to fill it with such as rice, lentils. 
To start with we hammered a lot of panel pins into the cardboard tube. The idea behind using the panel pins is that is slows down the filling making it sound more like rain.   I was a bit worried about doing this with Little Boo but she really enjoyed this bit as she thought she was Bob the builder.  I was really careful and held the hammer with her all the time (hence no photographs, sorry).  If you are concerned about using the hammer and pins (or do not have them in the house) please look at the second option.   Once we finished putting in our panel pins we placed paper one end then placed some lentils inside.  Then secured the other side

After adding the pins. 
Little Boo helping to put the lentils in.

 After this we stuck paper around the tube.  We used thick paper with one of Little Boos paintings on. When this dried I placed out loads of different items for Little Boo to use to decorate.

She loved this bit 

The second method you need 

  • Kitchen foil 
  • Two toilet rolls
  • Tape
  • Items to decorate such as stickers, papers, feathers, tissue paper, paints
  • Glue
  • Anything to fill it with such as rice or lentils

For this second method we taped two toilet rolls together (you could use more).  Little Boo then scrunched up the foil and I twisted into a coil shape. This was then inserted into the toilet roll.

Place the foil inside the toilet roll

You then repeat the steps as before by sealing the one end, placing in your filling then sealing the other end.  All that is left is to decorate!  We then ended up with two beautiful rainmakers Little Boo keeps calling them her magic wands.

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