Thursday, 16 August 2012

Feely box- guess the underwater animal

Sometimes the quickest ideas are the ones that bring the most fun and laughter.  That was definitely the case today all we did was make a feely box out of a shoe box and an old pair of Little Boos trousers.

We first of all felt all the underwater toys and made sure Little Boo knew the names for them all.  Luckily we managed to borrow these from the toy library this week and they are really nice toys.

Little Boo starting the game feeling the animals in the box 

Little Boo then started to put the animals in for Mommy to have a go .  She even told me how many animals there were in the box. 


  1. I love this activity. I did a similar one with my little guy to increase his descriptive vocabulary, only we used a wipes box. I do appreciate the simplicity of this activity, but still so valuable!

    1. yes it is so simple and yet so effective as a tool for encouraging communication. Thank you for your comments and hope that you enjoy the rest of the posts.


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