Friday, 17 August 2012

Puff paint fish

Today I have shared an activity with Little Boo that is on our summer pin it list making puff paint.  I  have always been pretty sceptical of this thinking that it will never work.  However, today when shopping I bought some empty sauce bottles that looked perfect for this activity they were not too big and very easy to squeeze. I am glad I brought them as this is so cool and it  does work really well. All you need is

  • cup Self raising flour 
  • cup Salt
  • keep adding until right consistency water 
  • paint good squirt. 
  • strong cardboard 

Little Boo made the mixture herself 

After the three colours were made Little Boo started painting with cotton buds (thanks to making boys men for the inspiration). The paint needs to be quite thick on the card to work.  We applied the paint with both cotton buds and then the bottles I had brought.

After painting microwave for 10 seconds.  This was fun as Little Boo liked to press the numbers on the microwave.

Once completed the paint puffs up and is hard to touch.  It is hot when first coming out the microwave though so be careful.

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  1. We haven't tried microwave puff paint yet- we will have to do it soon.

    1. Please try it, it is so easy Little Boo loved stirring the paint as well and made it all herself which was good counting practice. Thanks for stopping by to add your comments.

  2. Hi Amy, thanks for linking back to Making Boys Men I'm really pleased you got to try out the puffy paint. I'm just putting you in my blog reader now. Cheers Hannah

    1. You are a star thanks for this idea I knew exactly what to do when I saw the bottles I had pinned the idea ages ago and glad that we had the chance to try it out.


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