Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Making a pin less pin wheel

The other day I was inspired by this video on how to make a pin less pin wheel.  Little Boo bought a pin wheel the last time we were at the seaside so I thought this was quite fitting of the theme of seaside.

We had to decorate the paper Little Boo chose to stamp hers and do a glittery one as well (this is currently still drying though hence it is not yet a pin wheel)

We were very lucky as Little Boos Auntie has just given us all her stamps she loves playing with them.

We then just followed the steps on the video by cutting into the centre leaving one inch in the centre

Folding the alternate corners in to the centre and gluing down then making a hole in the centre

Wind the end of a pipe cleaner then place through hole, then wind onto a pencil

Mommy's and Little Boos completed pin wheels
To do the activity you are best to use thick paper we did one card and one paper. The paper one spins a lot better I also think that stamping the design or colouring is better as I am thinking the glitter one may not work as the paper may be too heavy? I hope that you enjoy this a very fun and simple activity to share together.  I also later thought about the possibility of up-cycling some art work to make these. 

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