Monday, 6 August 2012

Anyone for ice cream?

Today is our first day of our seaside theme! Due to this today we have been  thinking about ice cream after all  what seaside trip is complete without ice cream.  We have been playing with our home made play dough again all three different ones and made up some cloud dough ice cream.  I have made cloud dough before but saw baby oil on offer today so thought it was a great opportunity to revisit this idea it is fantastic like sand and malleable (your hands also feel amazing after playing with it). However, I have never before been successful in dying it but today I was.

How to make what we used 

To make the cloud dough

1 cup of flour (just get the cheap stuff)
baby oil keep on adding until the flour is able to be moulded I usually just grab a handful and squash it if it sticks then that is enough.  Sorry I can not be more accurate but I really did not measure it. 

To make chocolate moon dough - add coco powder as much as needed until you have a nice colour and smell
To make strawberry- add in food colouring gel (half tsp) this needs to really be rubbed in and strawberry essence
vanilla- add vanilla essence 

They all smell amazing! 

Our cones have been made from some cardboard spools that we got from the scrap store I also made up some more just using cardboard.  The image of the cone texture was found here .  I just wrapped the image around the spools and the cardboard and taped them into a sphere. 

Then we started to make our ice creams

The play dough was ready to be scooped up! 

Making Daddies Ice cream.  We used these spools from the Birmingham scrap store they were great to store the ice creams whilst they were being made.

"Here you go Daddy" 

The spools and card board cones

I was really pleased with how well the cloud dough went as well

All the different flavours 

pat it down 

Tap it out it sticks and you have your ice cream

All stored away for next time.

This was a great cheap activity to do I only buy the cheap flour when playing with it like this and had all the other ingredients in the house.  The cloud dough will last for ages just place it in a sealed container and you can play with it again. 

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