Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paralympics- using our senses

We are really excited to think that the Paralympics is starting next week.  I sometimes feel like this event is rather miss looked and am pleased that this time around for the first time it will get full coverage on prime time television, so again we will have the opportunity to all be shouting, "go GB!"

This week we are exploring the Paralympic games in readiness for it to start on the 29th of August.  As you may be aware there are athletes within the Paralympics who are visually impaired, blind or Deaf. This is why today we have explored our senses with some games.  These are games that I used to play when I was at guides and we all loved them so it has been wonderful to share these games with Little Boo.

Fetch the key

For this game by keys where placed underneath Little Boos chair.  She was blind folded using a scarf.  The challenge was for me to then retrieve the keys without Little Boo pointing to where I was. The idea is that you can not rely on your sense of sight but have to really listen. I was surprised at how keen Little Boo was to play this but she loved it!

senses game

Guess the smell

This game was played with smelling and with tasting though:) Again Little Boo was blind folded and she had to try and guess the smell.  I only used items that I knew she liked and that I thought had quite a distinctive smell there are loads more items that could be suitable.  This game was really fun she enjoyed it even more when we could eat all the food afterwards! This was actually a really good game to encourage children to eat foods.  It was lovely that Little Boo was asking for more orange. 

senses game
Is it time for a picnic?

 Feely box 

I realise that I only shared this idea with you the other day but the possibilities are endless! We placed loads of food items in there from Little Boos Kitchen and she was able to name them. A fantastic way to learn words and relying on her sense of touch.

Here are some other posts that I have linked to the idea of senses

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Making a rain maker- hearing he rain maker
Our first expedience with water beads feeling the beads
ice cube art feeling he ice cubes
sweet shop  smelling the different scented play doughs.

I hope that you enjoy some of these activities and that it give you a chance to look back at some of the older posts.  Feel free to comment on the post if you have any games that you think would be fun to play.

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  1. Hi Amy
    I keep meaning to have a go at the key game but the kids are always distracted at the park (darn those slides and swings!) and it wouldn't work as well in the front room cos there are only so many directions you can be coming from! Did you know that the Yellow Moon craft suppliers are looking for creative bloggers to review their products for free? I read that and thought of you instantly! Jenni x


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