Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Playing a game Boccia


I have recently been lucky enough to have someone come into work and play Boccia here is some info about the game.  This game is usually played by athletes in wheelchairs with cerebral palsy or other related disabilities.  Boccia is explained more on the Paralympic website.  I thought that this would be an excellent game to share with Little Boo as it is fun.

First a jack must be thrown.  This is usually white but in our case was yellow (did not have a white ball) Then there are two teams which are either Blue or Red Little Boo chose Red then the game began!

We need three more. 
Sorting out the balls ready for play.
(I knew I would find a use for that subway platter box! )

playing boccia
Really the game should be played seated but
as long we are having fun 

Aim for a target 

When we were playing Boccia at work we also went over some of the ways that the players would learn and practice.  This was one of them the idea is that the athlete has to roll the ball into a designated area.  This was difficult Little Boo had to learn the art of rolling instead of just throwing it.

Hitting the target 

This game I have shared with you before on the No more odd socks posts.  The idea is that you have to knock the large ball out of the area using the other balls.  This is a good tactic to learn when the athletes need to knock an opponents ball out the way of the jack. 

When looking on the internet I found some great Paralympic resources

Colouring in sheets  
ability v ability great resources for schools and parents and where I found the link to explain the game at the start of the post.
GB Boccia - A link to all the GB Boccia Athletes
Paralympics website  all the official information and TV coverage.

I hope that you enjoy a game of Boccia! We certainly did and can not wait to see it on the television.

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